The Elemental Magic Workbook

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Packed with useful information and solid techniques, The Elemental Magic Workbook is an excellent tome for those getting into magic for the first time or for experienced practitioners wishing to explore this fascinating area of the occult.

-Joshua Siddhartha Wetzel (Author of The Paradigmal Pirate)

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This pragmatic workbook offers a complete course in elemental magic and provides a solid foundation for future independent work. Throughout history, individuals from diverse backgrounds and preparations have harnessed the elemental forces for spiritual enrichment, life balance, practical magic, and more. Though many cultures developed similar (and also valuable) models, our primary emphasis will be on understanding and working with the elements from classical Greek and Hermetic perspectives, with a chaos magic twist.

During your studies, you will:

  • become well-versed in key elemental magic concepts and principles.
  • explore the nature of each element, how it impacts your life, and how you may harness it for personal benefit.
  • discover the underlying rationale of traditional correspondences, as well as generate your own for personal use.
  • perform elemental rites inspired by various magical traditions, as well as successfully develop and perform your own.

Previous magical experience is helpful but is not required. Everyone is welcome to work with the elements!



Bonus Content

Western Elemental Correspondences

Eastern Elemental Correspondences